Hejsan hoppsan..

Satt och lyssnade på lite musik. Så fick jag för mig att skriva en del textrader från de olika låtarna, fick till en liten historia..så varsågod!..så gjorde jag naturligtvis om meningarna lite..

Give me time to realise..my crime
you know love and still have this choise of mine
but then..you can´t forget to catch me if its true you care
and if its love you want then take it while you can..just be aware
with a sympathetic talk it was the thing you had
to take a life as you was in command
don´t push too hard..you don´t know what your set up for your self
you took my life..and my welth
you see so
and again i don´t think you know
so i´ll say
as a criminal...you fade away



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